FAS Arizona Conferences and Workshops

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November 2001

Arizona held it's first statewide FAS conference in Tucson in November 2001. Over 200 people from around the state attended. This was the first big step for the newly formed group called FAS Arizona. Read about it here!

April 2002

A training was conducted for staff at Bethany House, a program in Tucson that assists women in treatment, many of whom are raising children affected by prenatal exposure to alcohol.

May 2002

Two workshops were held for staff at K.A.R.E. (Kinship and Adoption Resources and Education) in Tucson.

June 2002

Two all-day workshops were given, one on the Hopi Reservation for parents and professionals, and one in Prescott for the Family Drug Court and CASA staff.

January 2003

Child Abuse Prevention Conference in Mesa; Tucson Residence Foundation in Tucson.

February 2003

Head Start in Sells

April 2003

Child Abuse Prevention Conference in Winslow; Head Start training in White River

October 2003

Touchpoints Intervention Strategies conference sponsored by SAMHSA and CSAP on October 16-17 in Tucson.

FASD Town Hall Meeting sponsored by SAMHSA in Tucson on October 18.
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Healthy Families Institute Conference in Tucson on October 24. For more information, visit Prevent Child Abuse, Inc.

June 2004

Tucson Links training for teachers in Tucson Unified School District

Women's Summit in Phoenix sponsored by NOFAS and the FASD Center for Excellence
"Hope for Women in Recovery" Proclamation (pdf file 300k) signed by Governor Napolitano on June 29, 2004

August 2004

FASD workshops in Lake Havasu City August 13 or 14: All-day training sessions for parents and professionals. Contact Vickie Brewster at 928-764-3121 or email dvbrewster@frontiernet.net.

September 2004

"Understanding Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders"
September 8th at Community Partnerships of Southern Arizona (CPSA).

September 9th - FASD Awareness Day

November 2004

November 4th - FASD Train the Trainer Seminar An all-day workshop presented by The Arc of U.S. in Tucson.

January 2005

FASD Training at CPSA in Tucson on January 11th from 10:00 a.m. until noon
Two-hour workshop presented by Teresa Kellerman, hosted by Community Partnerships of Southern Arizona.

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Focus is on how FASD affects Native Americans but is suitable for anyone wishing to learn about the invisible symptoms of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and their effects on children and adults.

RSVP by calling (520) 318-6950, EXT 3000 and leaving a voice message. Call early, as this class is expected to fill up quickly.

Future Workshops

If you would like to have a training or workshop in your area, contact Fasstar Enterprises.

Sample All-Day Workshop Agenda

9:00 Welcome and Introductions
9:15 Pretest to determine level of knowledge
9:30 Exercise: What It Feels Like to Have FAS
9:45 Video "FAS, FAE: What's the Difference?"
10:15 Break
10:30 Powerpoint Presentation Overview of FAS Disorders
Noon Lunch Break
1:00 Powerpoint Presentation Intervention Strategies
2:30 Break
2:45 Video "Sacred Trust" or parent panel
3:00 Problem Solving Workshops (small group break out)
3:30 Contest Prize Giveaway (workshop results by group)
3:45 Post Test, Evaluations
4:00 Certificates and Dismissal


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