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RSVP for Upcoming FASD Wornkshops in Tucson Here!

Raising Awareness in Arizona: Front Page Story in the Tucson Citizen!


9 Lives I Will SurviveNew book by Arizona author Jan Crossen, 9 Lives, I Will Survive about a boy with FAS, from the boy's perspective. Must read for adolescents, teens, and adults, with or without FASD. Order it here on Amazon or visit the author's web site: www.jancrossen.com.

Current FASD Workshops

Butterfly Boy
FASD Workshop currently scheduled in Tucson

Please download the PDF file of handouts here.

More trainings will be
scheduled soon
Check here for updates

YouTube Awareness Project


Please Note These Important Announcements!

SAMHSA Funded Ended

FASD Center for Excellence is no more. SAMHSA is no longer funding the FASD Center for Excellence. But they still have resources from previously funded FASD projects available here.

FASD Task Force!

Arizona Task Force on Preventing of Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol and Other Drugs.  Click here to learn more about the Task Force.

Book by Arizona Author

Hard to Place: A Crime of Alcohol by Katherine Norgard of Tucson. Click here to read a book review or to attend a book signing event.
Read the news story.
Order the book now!

FASArizona.com is your source for information, support, events, and resources in Arizona for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).

When Teresa Kelleran retired in December 2017, the State did not replace her, and the FAS Community Resource Center closed. The websites will stay up indefinitely. To visit the FAS Community Resource Center online, click on "FAS Information" to the left, where you will find everything you need to know about FASD.

New Presentation

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Unlocking the Secret to the Ideal System of Care for Individuals with FASD

Helpful Documents

Download these PDF documents. (Requires free Adobe Logo Adobe Reader.)

Arizona Stats

March of Dimes Stats for Arizona rate of binge drinking by women. Arizona's rate is about the same as the U.S. average.

Birth defects comparison for FASD and other common birth defects in Arizona.

Fact Sheet for FASD in Arizona: Download PDF file 23k

FASD Center for Excellence research shows that FASD costs Arziona $98 million per year. [H. Harwood, FASD Center for Excellence trainers conference, Orlando, 2005]

FASD and Arizona Revised Statutes

Here are some definitions in the ARS regarding mental health issues that might apply to individuals with FASD.

New Photos

View photo slide show from FASD Awareness Day 2004!

Photo of the FASD prevention poster produced by the Arizona Department of Health. Also in Spanish. Come by the FAS Center and pick one up. They are free.

Photo gallery from the FASD Town Hall Meeting in Tucson in October 2003.

FAS Arizona News Stories

Check out our new section: FAS Arizona News Stories

Eligibility Criteria

It is estimated that 85% of persons with FASD do not qualify for disability services, because eligibility criteria for persons with developmental disabilities in Arizona require an IQ under 70, and most individuals with FASD have an IQ in the normal range, yet cannot function safely without support services. Read this Legislative Forum Position Statement on Eligibility Criteria as presented at the DD Legislative Forum on October 21, 2004.

"Looking Up the River"

Read our Conference Report for the November 2001 "Looking Up the River" FAS conference. The report includes comments from attendees on their insights, obstacles, and dreams. There are photos too, as well as a paraphrase of the folklore tale "River Babies" that was the basis for the conference theme.

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